React.Children provides utilities for dealing with the this.props.children opaque data structure., function[(thisArg)])

Invokes a function on every immediate child contained within children with this set to thisArg.

If children is an array it will be traversed and the function will be called for each child in the array. If children is null or undefined, this method will return null or undefined rather than an array. If children is a Fragment it will be treated as a single child and not traversed.


React.Children.forEach(children, function[(thisArg)])

Like but does not return an array.



Returns the total number of components in children, equal to the number of times that a callback passed to map or forEach would be invoked.



Verifies that children has only one child (a React element) and returns it. Otherwise this method throws an error.


  • React.Children.toArray(children).
  • Returns the children opaque data structure as a flat array with keys assigned to each child.
  • Useful if you want to manipulate collections of children in your render methods, especially if you want to reorder or slice this.props.children before passing it down.

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