• Iterable is a pseudo-type introduced in PHP 7.1.
  • It accepts any array or object implementing the Traversable interface.
  • Can be used as a parameter type to indicate that a function requires a set of values, but does not care about the form of the value set since it will be used with foreach.
  • Can also be used as a return type to indicate a function will return an iterable value.
  • Functions declaring iterable as a return type may also be generators.

Iterable Type Variance


interface Example {
    public function method(array $array): iterable;

class ExampleImplementation implements Example {
    public function method(iterable $iterable): array {
        // Parameter broadened and return type narrowed.


Classes extending/implementing may broaden methods using array or Traversable as parameter types to iterable or narrow return types from iterable to array or Traversable.

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