Row and Column

are used to lay your widgets out linearly - either horizontally or vertically.

  • If you notice the two code samples are identical with the exception of the “Row” and “Column” widget. The children are the same and this feature can be exploited to develop rich layouts that can change overtime with the same children.
  • Have properties that allow you to specify how their children are aligned vertically or horizontally, and how much space the children should occupy.
  • To create a row or column in Flutter, you add a list of children widgets to a Row or Column widget. In turn, each child can itself be a row or column, and so on. The following example shows how it is possible to nest rows or columns inside of rows or columns.

Note: Row and Column are basic primitive widgets for horizontal and vertical layouts—these low-level widgets allow for maximum customization. Flutter also offers specialized, higher level widgets that might be sufficient for your needs. For example, instead of Row you might prefer ListTile, an easy-to-use widget with properties for leading and trailing icons, and up to 3 lines of text. Instead of Column, you might prefer ListView, a column-like layout that automatically scrolls if its content is too long to fit the available space. For more information, see Common layout widgets.

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