trait User {
  def username: String

trait Tweeter {
  this: User =>  // reassign this
  def tweet(tweetText: String) = println(s"$username: $tweetText")

class VerifiedTweeter(val username_ : String) extends Tweeter with User {  // We mixin User because Tweeter required it
	def username = s"real $username_"

val realBeyoncé = new VerifiedTweeter("Beyoncé")
realBeyoncé.tweet("Just spilled my glass of lemonade")  // prints "real Beyoncé: Just spilled my glass of lemonade"

Are a way to declare that a trait must be mixed into another trait, even though it doesn’t directly extend it.

Is a way to narrow the type of this or another identifier that aliases this. The syntax looks like normal function syntax but means something entirely different.

Self-types → are a → Scala Unified types.

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