The List Interface

The List Interface

// Here's a nondestructive form of this idiom, which produces a 
// third List consisting of the second list appended to the first.

List<Type> list3 = new ArrayList<Type>(list1);
//Here's an example (JDK 8 and later) that aggregates some names into a List:

List<String> list =
import java.util.*;

public class Shuffle {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        List<String> list = new ArrayList<String>();
        for (String a : args)
        Collections.shuffle(list, new Random());

A List is an ordered Collection (sometimes called a sequence). Lists may contain duplicate elements.

In addition to the operations inherited from Collection, the List interface includes operations for the following: positional access (manipulates elements based on their numerical position in the list, this includes methods such as get, set, add, addAll, and remove); search (searches for a specified object in the list and returns its numerical position, search methods include indexOf and lastIndexOf); iteration (extends Iterator semantics to take advantage of the list's sequential nature, the listIterator methods provide this behavior); range-view (the sublist method performs arbitrary range operations on the list).

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