Work with long lists

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The standard ListView constructor works well for small lists. To work with lists that contain a large number of items, it’s best to use the ListView.builder constructor.

In contrast to the default ListView constructor, which requires creating all items at once, the ListView.builder() constructor creates items as they’re scrolled onto the screen.

1. Create a data source

First, you need a data source. For example, your data source might be a list of messages, search results, or products in a store. Most of the time, this data comes from the internet or a database.

For this example, generate a list of 10,000 Strings using the List.generate constructor.

final items = List<String>.generate(10000, (i) => "Item $i");

2. Convert the data source into widgets

To display the list of strings, render each String as a widget using ListView.builder(). In this example, display each String on its own line.

  itemCount: items.length,
  itemBuilder: (context, index) {
    return ListTile(
      title: Text('${items[index]}'),

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