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The <!DOCTYPE> Declaration: <!DOCTYPE> for HTML5 <abbr> <address> <article> <aside> <audio> <b> <base> <bdi> <bdo> <blockquote> <br> <button> <canvas> <caption> <cite> <code> <col> <colgroup> <dd> <del> <details> <dialog> <div> <dl> <dt> <em> <embed> <fieldset> <figcaption> <figure> <footer> <h1> <header> <i> <img> <input> <ins> <kbd> <link> <main> <map> <mark> <meta> <meter> <nav> <object> <ol> <picture> <pre> <progress> <q> <rp> <rt> <ruby> <samp> <section> <select> <small> <source> <span> <strong> <style> <sub> <summary> <sup> <svg> <tbody> <td> <textarea> <tfoot> <th> <thead> <time> <title> <tr> <ul> <var> <video> <wbr> HTML: A Simple HTML Document Absolute File Paths HTML5 Browser Support: Add New Elements to HTML The style Attribute: Background Color Block-level Elements HTML Media: Browser Support Server-Sent Event: Check Server-Sent Events Support clearWatch() HTML Entities: Combining Diacritical Marks HTML Graphics: Comparison of Canvas and SVG Computer Code Elements Web Workers: Create a Web Worker File Web Workers: Create a Web Worker Object CSS Flexbox CSS Floats CSS Frameworks CSS Grid View HTML5 Browser Support: Define Semantic Elements as Block Elements The id Attribute: Difference Between Class and ID HTML Graphics: Differences Between SVG and Canvas XHTML: Differences from HTML Geolocation: Displaying the Result in a Map HTML Element: Do Not Forget the End Tag Drag and Drop: Do the Drop - ondrop Differences from HTML: Document Structure Drag and Drop HTML: Editors Empty HTML Elements The style Attribute: Fonts Form Elements The target Attribute: framename Geolocation getCurrentPosition() Geolocation: Handling Errors and Rejections XHTML: How to Convert from HTML to XHTML HTML HTML Attributes HTML Buttons HTML Comment Tag HTML Documents HTML Element HTML Entities The src Attribute: HTML File Paths HTML Formatting Elements HTML Forms HTML Graphics HTML Headings HTML Iframes HTML Images HTML Layout Elements HTML Layout Elements: HTML Layout Techniques HTML Links HTML Lists HTML Media HTML Paragraphs HTML Quotation and Citation Elements HTML Symbol Entities HTML Tables HTML Tables HTML Tags HTML Web Storage Objects HTML5 HTML5 <datalist> HTML5 <output> HTML5 APIs HTML5: HTML5 Browser Support HTML5 Elements HTML5 Input Attributes HTML5 Input Types Inline Elements Input Attributes Input Type Button Input Type Checkbox Input Type Color Input Type Date Input Type Datetime-local Input Type Email Input Type File Input Type Month Input Type Number Input Type Password Input Type Radio Input Type Range Input Type Reset Input Type Search Input Type Submit Input Type Tel Input Type Text Input Type Time Input Type Url Input Type Week Drag and Drop: Make an Element Draggable Nested HTML Elements Non-breaking Space HTML Documents: Omitting <html>, <head> and <body> YouTube Videos: Playing a YouTube Video in HTML Plug-ins HTML5 Browser Support: Problem With Internet Explorer 8 HTML Attributes: Quote Attribute Values Server-Sent Event: Receive Server-Sent Event Notifications Relative File Paths Web Workers: Reuse the Web Worker Semantic Elements Server-Sent Event Server-Sent Event: Server-Side Code Example <meta>: Setting The Viewport Problem With Internet Explorer 8: Syntax For HTML5Shiv Web Workers: Terminate a Web Worker The style Attribute: Text Alignment The style Attribute: Text Color The style Attribute: Text Size The <!DOCTYPE> Declaration The action Attribute The alt Attribute The autocomplete Attribute The autofocus Attribute The charset Attribute The class Attribute The colspan Attribute The disabled Attribute The form Attribute The formaction Attribute The formenctype Attribute The formmethod Attribute The formnovalidate Attribute The height and width Attributes The href Attribute The HTML <head> Element The HTML <noscript> Tag The HTML <script> Tag The id Attribute The lang Attribute The list Attribute The localStorage Object The maxlength Attribute The method Attribute The min and max Attributes The multiple Attribute The name Attribute The novalidate Attribute The pattern Attribute The placeholder Attribute The readonly Attribute The required Attribute The rowspan Attribute The sessionStorage Object The size Attribute The src Attribute The start Attribute The step Attribute The style Attribute The target Attribute The title Attribute The value Attribute The width and height Attributes URL URL Encoding HTML Attributes: Use Lowercase Attributes HTML Tags: Use Lowercase Tags Geolocation: Using HTML Geolocation The class Attribute: Using The class Attribute in JavaScript The id Attribute: Using The id Attribute in JavaScript watchPosition() Web Browsers Web Storage Web Workers Drag and Drop: What to Drag - ondragstart and setData() HTML Forms: When to Use GET? HTML Forms: When to Use POST? Drag and Drop: Where to Drop - ondragover XHTML: Why XHTML? Editors: Write HTML Using Notepad or TextEdit XHTML Differences from HTML: XHTML Attributes Differences from HTML: XHTML Elements YouTube Videos The target Attribute: _blank The target Attribute: _parent The target Attribute: _self The target Attribute: _top

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