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Web development — key terms

position: absolute OOP in PHP: Abstraction over PDO SQL-builder: Abstraction over SQL SQL-builder: Abstraction over SQL Models: Abstraction over SQL-builder Abstraction over SQL-builder: Aggregation of SQL-builder SQL-builder: Architecture of SQL-builder Design basics: Basic design rules Relations: belongsToMany Relations: BelongsToOne CSS basics: Block element model HTML basics: Block element properties Abstraction over SQL-builder: Bridge to SQL-builder CMS core: Caching Models: Class Model Relations: Class Relation PHP: Client-server architecture of web application CMS development: CMS admin panel CMS development: CMS core Web development knowledge domain: CMS development CMS core: Content types construction PHP: Cookies CMS admin panel: CRUD controller Web development knowledge domain: CSS basics CSS Layout: CSS grid framework creation Web development knowledge domain: CSS Layout CSS basics: CSS preprocessors CSS basics: CSS syntax Web development knowledge domain: Databases Databases: Databases in PHP Web development knowledge domain: Design Design: Design basics Design basics: Design nature and function Databases: Domain entities and tables CMS core: Domain field for data modeling of CMS Models: find position: fixed Positioning for layout: flex Positioning for layout: float CMS core: Graph structure of content (DAG) Positioning for layout: grid Relations: hasMany Relations: hasOne Web development knowledge domain: HTML basics HTML basics: HTML5 Document structure PHP: HTTP requests Databases: Indexes HTML basics: Inline element properties Models: Introduction to ORM SQL-builder: Joins clause CSS preprocessors: LESS MVC framework development: Logic and presentation separation CMS development: Lookup fields CSS basics: Media queries and responsive layout CMS admin panel: Meta description of user CRUD interface MVC framework development: Models Web development knowledge domain: MVC framework development MVC framework development: MVC in Web Databases: MySQL PHP: OOP in PHP CMS core: Page entity Databases in PHP: PDO Web development knowledge domain: PHP PHP: PHP syntax Positioning for layout: position CSS basics: Positioning for layout MVC framework development: Project built on the base of created MVC framework Databases: Relations Models: Relations CMS admin panel: Relations CSS Layout: Responsive 12-column layout basics MVC framework development: Router development CSS preprocessors: SASS CSS preprocessors: SCSS PHP: Sessions Databases: SQL queries Databases in PHP: SQL-builder CMS admin panel: Task of rapid CRUD web interfaces development MVC framework development: Templating engine CMS core: Templating structure CSS Layout: Transfer graphic design to web page CSS basics: Transitions and animations CMS core: Tree structure of content Web development knowledge domain SQL-builder: Where clause

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