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The toolbar contains buttons for controlling the execution of your test cases, including a step feature for debugging your test cases. The right-most button, the one with the red-dot, is the record button.

Speed Control: controls how fast your test case runs.

Run All: Runs the entire test suite when a test suite with multiple test cases is loaded.

Run: Runs the currently selected test. When only a single test is loaded this button and the Run All button have the same effect.

Pause/Resume: Allows pausing and resuming of the running test case.

Stop: Stops the current running test case.

Step: Allows you to step through a test case by running it one command at a time. Use for debugging test cases.

Record: Records the users browser actions.

Test Case Panel

Your script is displayed in the test case panel.

The Command, Target, and Value entry fields display the currently selected command along with its parameters. These are entry fields where you can modify the currently selected command. The first parameter specified for a command in the Reference tab of the bottom pane always goes in the Target field. If a second parameter is specified by the Reference tab, it always goes in the Value field. The Comment field allows you to specify in a human readable format a description of the current command.

If you start typing in the Command field, a drop-down list will be populated based on the first characters you type; you can then select your desired command from the drop-down.

Navigation Panel

Navigation between test cases and test suites is done through the right hand side of Selenium IDE. Clicking on Tests with the small caret will open up a menu.

When saving the project will be saved as the new .side format, which will include all test cases and suites combined. It is refered to as a project.

Console Panel

The bottom pane, called Console Panel for it’s similarity with web devtools, is used for different utility functions: Log, Reference, depending on which tab is selected.


When you run your test case, error messages and information messages showing the progress are displayed in this pane automatically, even if you do not first select the Log tab. These messages are often useful for test case debugging. Notice the Clear button for clearing the Log.


When adding, editing, or viewing test steps this pane displays information about the command that’s currently in focus. Details like name, description, what arguments it accepts, and details about those arguments.

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