• Is a widget that manages routes.
  • An push and pop routes to move from screen to screen.
  • Navigators work like a stack on which you can push() new routes you want to navigate to, and from which you can pop() routes when you want to “go back”.
  • In Flutter, you have a couple options to navigate between pages:.
  • Specify a Map of route names. (MaterialApp).
  • Directly navigate to a route. (WidgetApp).
  • Navigate to a route by pushing its name to the Navigator.
  • Manages a stack of widgets identified by strings, also known as “routes”.
  • Lets you transition smoothly between screens of your application.
  • The Navigator class

    Map coordinates = await Navigator.of(context).pushNamed('/location');

    Handles routing in Flutter and is used to get a result back from a route that you have pushed on the stack.

    This is done by awaiting on the Future returned by push().

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