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How do I access the GPS sensor?

Use the geolocator community plugin.

How do I access the camera?

The image_picker plugin is popular for accessing the camera.

How do I log in with Facebook?

To Log in with Facebook, use the flutter_facebook_login community plugin.

How do I use Firebase features?

Most Firebase functions are covered by first party plugins. These plugins are first-party integrations, maintained by the Flutter team:

You can also find some third-party Firebase plugins on Pub that cover areas not directly covered by the first-party plugins.

How do I build my own custom native integrations?

If there is platform-specific functionality that Flutter or its community Plugins are missing, you can build your own following the developing packages and plugins page.

Flutter’s plugin architecture, in a nutshell, is much like using an Event bus in Android: you fire off a message and let the receiver process and emit a result back to you. In this case, the receiver is code running on the native side on Android or iOS.

How do I use the NDK in my Flutter application?

If you use the NDK in your current Android application and want your Flutter application to take advantage of your native libraries then it’s possible by building a custom plugin.

Your custom plugin first talks to your Android app, where you call your native functions over JNI. Once a response is ready, send a message back to Flutter and render the result.

Calling native code directly from Flutter is currently not supported.

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