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What tools can I use to debug my app in Flutter?

Use the DevTools suite for debugging Flutter or Dart apps.

DevTools includes support for profiling, examining the heap, inspecting the widget tree, logging diagnostics, debugging, observing executed lines of code, debugging memory leaks and memory fragmentation. For more information, see the DevTools documentation.

If you’re using an IDE, you can debug your application using the IDE’s debugger.

How do I perform a hot reload?

Flutter’s Stateful Hot Reload feature helps you quickly and easily experiment, build UIs, add features, and fix bugs. Instead of recompiling your app every time you make a change, you can hot reload your app instantly. The app is updated to reflect your change, and the current state of the app is preserved.

In React Native, the shortcut is ⌘R for the iOS Simulator and tapping R twice on Android emulators.

In Flutter, If you are using IntelliJ IDE or Android Studio, you can select Save All (⌘s/ctrl-s), or you can click the Hot Reload button on the toolbar. If you are running the app at the command line using flutter run, type r in the Terminal window. You can also perform a full restart by typing R in the Terminal window.

How do I access the in-app developer menu?

In React Native, the developer menu can be accessed by shaking your device: ⌘D for the iOS Simulator or ⌘M for Android emulator.

In Flutter, if you are using an IDE, you can use the IDE tools. If you start your application using flutter run you can also access the menu by typing h in the terminal window, or type the following shortcuts:

Action Terminal Shortcut Debug functions and properties
Widget hierarchy of the app w debugDumpApp()
Rendering tree of the app t debugDumpRenderTree()
Layers L debugDumpLayerTree()
Accessibility S (traversal order) or
U (inverse hit test order)
To toggle the widget inspector i WidgetsApp. showWidgetInspectorOverride
To toggle the display of construction lines p debugPaintSizeEnabled
To simulate different operating systems o defaultTargetPlatform
To display the performance overlay P WidgetsApp. showPerformanceOverlay
To save a screenshot to flutter. png s  
To quit q  

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