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What is the equivalent of the View container?

In React Native, View is a container that supports layout with Flexbox, style, touch handling, and accessibility controls.

In Flutter, you can use the core layout widgets in the Widgets library, such as Container, Column, Row, and Center.

For more information, see the Layout Widgets catalog.

What is the equivalent of FlatList or SectionList?

A List is a scrollable list of components arranged vertically.

In React Native, FlatList or SectionList are used to render simple or sectioned lists.

// React Native
  data={[ ... ]}
  renderItem={({ item }) => <Text>{item.key}</Text>}

ListView is Flutter’s most commonly used scrolling widget. The default constructor takes an explicit list of children. ListView is most appropriate for a small number of widgets. For a large or infinite list, use ListView.builder, which builds its children on demand and only builds those children that are visible.

// Flutter
var data = [ ... ];
  itemCount: data.length,
  itemBuilder: (context, int index) {
    return Text(



To learn how to implement an infinite scrolling list, see the Write Your First Flutter App, Part 1 codelab.

How do I use a Canvas to draw or paint?

In React Native, canvas components aren’t present so third party libraries like react-native-canvas are used.

// React Native
handleCanvas = canvas => {
  const ctx = canvas.getContext('2d');
  ctx.fillStyle = 'skyblue';
  ctx.arc(75, 75, 50, 0, 2 * Math.PI);
  ctx.fillRect(150, 100, 300, 300);

render() {
  return (
      <Canvas ref={this.handleCanvas} />

In Flutter, you can use the CustomPaint and CustomPainter classes to draw to the canvas.

The following example shows how to draw during the paint phase using the CustomPaint widget. It implements the abstract class, CustomPainter, and passes it to CustomPaint’s painter property. CustomPaint subclasses must implement the paint and shouldRepaint methods.

// Flutter
class MyCanvasPainter extends CustomPainter {

  void paint(Canvas canvas, Size size) {
    Paint paint = Paint();
    paint.color = Colors.amber;
    canvas.drawCircle(Offset(100.0, 200.0), 40.0, paint);
    Paint paintRect = Paint();
    paintRect.color = Colors.lightBlue;
    Rect rect = Rect.fromPoints(Offset(150.0, 300.0), Offset(300.0, 400.0));
    canvas.drawRect(rect, paintRect);

  bool shouldRepaint(MyCanvasPainter oldDelegate) => false;
  bool shouldRebuildSemantics(MyCanvasPainter oldDelegate) => false;
class _MyCanvasState extends State<MyCanvas> {

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return Scaffold(
      body: CustomPaint(
        painter: MyCanvasPainter(),



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