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How do I access shared preferences or UserDefaults?

Xamarin.Forms developers will likely be familar with the Xam.Plugins.Settings plugin.

In Flutter, access equivalent functionality using the shared_preferences plugin. This plugin wraps the functionality of both UserDefaults and the Android equivalent, SharedPreferences.

How do I access SQLite in Flutter?

In Xamarin.Forms most applications would use the sqlite-net-pcl plugin to access SQLite databases.

In Flutter, access this functionality using the sqflite plugin.

What tools can I use to debug my app in Flutter?

Use the DevTools suite for debugging Flutter or Dart apps.

DevTools includes support for profiling, examining the heap, inspecting the widget tree, logging diagnostics, debugging, observing executed lines of code, debugging memory leaks and memory fragmentation. For more information, see the DevTools documentation.

How do I set up push notifications?

In Android, you use Firebase Cloud Messaging to setup push notifications for your app.

In Flutter, access this functionality using the Firebase_Messaging plugin. For more information on using the Firebase Cloud Messaging API, see the firebase_messaging plugin documentation.

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