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React: Add React to a Website Ref: Adding a Ref to a Class Component Ref: Adding a Ref to a DOM Element Flow type checker with React: Adding Flow to a Project Flow type checker with React: Adding Flow Type Annotations TypeScript with React: Adding TypeScript to a Project Components: Autobinding Basic List Component Bundling Ref: Callback Refs React DOM Elements: checked Class.contextType React DOM Elements: className Code Splitting The Diffing Algorithm: Component Elements Of The Same Type Lifecycle: ComponentDidMount() Components Lifecycle: ComponentWillUnmount() Components: Composing Components Components: Conditional Rendering TypeScript with React: Configuring the TypeScript Compiler Container components Context Context.Consumer Context.Provider Controlled Components Higher-Order Component: Convention: Maximizing Composability Higher-Order Component: Convention: Pass Unrelated Props Through to the Wrapped Component Higher-Order Component: Convention: Wrap the Display Name for Easy Debugging React: Create React App ReactDOM: createPortal() Ref: Creating Refs React DOM Elements: dangerouslySetInnerHTML React Without ES6: Declaring Default Props PropTypes: Default Prop Values StrictMode: Detecting legacy context API StrictMode: Detecting unexpected side effects The Diffing Algorithm: DOM Elements Of The Same Type Conditional Rendering: Element Variables The Diffing Algorithm: Elements Of Different Types Basic List Component: Embedding map() in JSX Error Boundaries Portals: Event Bubbling Basic List Component: Extracting Components with Keys TypeScript with React: File extensions in TypeScript ReactTestUtils: findAllInRenderedTree() ReactDOM: findDOMNode() ReactTestUtils: findRenderedComponentWithType() ReactTestUtils: findRenderedDOMComponentWithClass() ReactTestUtils: findRenderedDOMComponentWithTag() Flow Type Checker Flow type checker with React Components: Forwarding Refs Fragments Handling Events Higher-Order Component React DOM Elements: htmlFor ReactDOM: hydrate() StrictMode: Identifying unsafe lifecycles import() Conditional Rendering: Inline If with Logical && Operator Conditional Rendering: Inline If-Else with Conditional Operator ReactTestUtils: isCompositeComponent() ReactTestUtils: isDOMComponent() ReactTestUtils: isElement() ReactTestUtils: isElementOfType() JSX Key Fragments: Keyed Fragments The Diffing Algorithm: Keys Components: Lifecycle State: Lifting State Up Mixin React Without ES6: Mixins in React without ES6 ReactTestUtils: mockComponent() React.lazy: Named Exports React DOM Elements: onChange Handling Events: Passing Arguments to Event Handlers Portals Conditional Rendering: Preventing Component from Rendering Props PropTypes React React DOM Elements React Elements React Top-Level API React Without ES6 React: React Without JSX React.Children React.Children: React.Children.count React.Children: React.Children.forEach React.Children: React.Children: React.Children.only React.Children: React.Children.toArray React Top-Level API: React.cloneElement() React.createContext React Top-Level API: React.createElement() React Top-Level API: React.createFactory() React Top-Level API: React.createRef React.forwardRef React Top-Level API: React.isValidElement() React.lazy React.memo React.PureComponent ReactDOM ReactDOMServer ReactTestUtils The Diffing Algorithm: Recursing On Children Ref Ref: Refs and Function Components Render Prop ReactDOM: render() Lifecycle: Render() React Elements: Rendering an Element into the DOM ReactTestUtils: renderIntoDocument() ReactDOMServer: renderToNodeStream() ReactDOMServer: renderToStaticMarkup() ReactDOMServer: renderToStaticNodeStream() ReactDOMServer: renderToString() PropTypes: Requiring Single Child Code Splitting: Route-based code splitting Flow type checker with React: Running Flow TypeScript with React: Running TypeScript ReactTestUtils: scryRenderedComponentsWithType() ReactTestUtils: scryRenderedDOMComponentsWithClass() ReactTestUtils: scryRenderedDOMComponentsWithTag() React DOM Elements: selected React Without ES6: Setting the Initial State Shallow Rendering Shallow Rendering: shallowRenderer.getRenderOutput() Shallow Rendering: shallowRenderer.render() Fragments: Short Syntax ReactTestUtils: Simulate State Static type checker Add React to a Website: Step 1: Add a DOM Container to the HTML Add React to a Website: Step 2: Add the Script Tags Add React to a Website: Step 3: Create a React Component StrictMode Flow type checker with React: Stripping Flow Syntax from the Compiled Code React DOM Elements: style React DOM Elements: suppressContentEditableWarning React DOM Elements: suppressHydrationWarning Suspense Test Renderer Test Renderer: testInstance.children Test Renderer: testInstance.find() Test Renderer: testInstance.findAll() Test Renderer: testInstance.findAllByProps() Test Renderer: TestInstance.findAllByType() Test Renderer: testInstance.findByProps() Test Renderer: testInstance.findByType() Test Renderer: testInstance.instance Test Renderer: testInstance.parent Test Renderer: testInstance.props Test Renderer: testInstance.type Test Renderer: TestRenderer.create() Test Renderer: testRenderer.getInstance() Test Renderer: testRenderer.root Test Renderer: testRenderer.toJSON() Test Renderer: testRenderer.toTree() Test Renderer: testRenderer.unmount() Test Renderer: testRenderer.update() The Diffing Algorithm The file input Tag The select Tag The textarea Tag TypeScript: Type Definitions TypeScript TypeScript with React Uncontrolled Components ReactDOM: unmountComponentAtNode() React Elements: Updating the Rendered Element Render Prop: Use Render Props for Cross-Cutting Concerns Render Prop: Using Props Other Than render Web Components: Using React in your Web Components Render Prop: Using Render Props with React.PureComponent TypeScript with React: Using TypeScript with Create React App Web Components: Using Web Components in React React DOM Elements: value StrictMode: Warning about deprecated findDOMNode usage StrictMode: Warning about legacy string ref API usage Web Components Ref: When to Use Refs

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