Java — key terms

float Lambda Expressions: Accessing Local Variables of the Enclosing Scope Exceptions: Advantages of Exceptions Aggregate Operations Algorithms In Collections Framework Anonymous Classes ArrayBlockingQueue ArrayDeque ArrayList Bitwise and Bit Shift Operators Blocks boolean byte char Checked exceptions Class Class/Static Variables Classes and Objects Collections Framework Compiler ConcurrentHashMap Control Flow Statements Class: Controlling Access to Members of a Class Object: Creating Objects Collections Framework: Custom Collection Implementations Debug Class: Declaring Member Variables Threads: Defining and Starting a Thread Class: Defining Methods double Enum Types Errors Exception handler Exceptions Expressions Fork/Join HashMap HashSet Java: History Exceptions: How to Throw Exceptions I/O Operations Inheritance in Java Inner Classes Input Instance Variables Class: Instantiating a Class int Interface Interrupts Iterator Java JVM Lambda Expressions LinkedBlockingQueue LinkedHashMap LinkedHashSet LinkedList Local Classes Local Variables long Nested Classes Object Object as a Superclass Operators in Java Output Class: Overloading Methods Packages Parallelism Threads: Pausing Execution with Sleep Java: Philosophy Pipelines and Streams Primitive data types PriorityBlockingQueue PriorityQueue Processes Processes and Threads Reduction Class: Returning a Value from a Method Runtime exceptions Searching Algorithm short Shuffling Algorithm Sorting Algorithm Exceptions: Specifying the Exceptions Thrown by a Method Statements Statements, Expressions, and Blocks Static Nested Classes Subclass Superclass Synchronized Methods Synchronized Methods in Java The Arithmetic Operators The Assignment Operator The break Statement The catch Blocks The Collection Interface The Collectors.groupingBy Method The Collectors.reducing Method The Conditional Operators The continue Statement The Deque Interface The do-while Statement The Equality and Relational Operators The finally Block The for Statement The if-then Statement The if-then-else Statement The List Interface The Map Interface The Queue Interface The return Statement The Set Interface The Stream.collect Method The Stream.reduce Method The switch Statement The throw Statement The try Block The try-with-resources Statement The Type Comparison Operator instanceof The Unary Operators The while Statement The Collectors.toList Method Threads: Thread Interference in Java Threads The Collection Interface: Traversing Collections TreeMap TreeSet Unchecked exceptions Class: Using the this Keyword Variables

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